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Areas of Competition

All scores below will be tabulated and added together during preliminary competitions to determine semi-finalists. If you make it to semi-finals than your preliminary swim and evening gown scores will be eliminated and brand-new scores during finale will be used to determine winner.


Candidates will be assigned one “IG Q&A” day on the official Miss Mission International Instagram account. Where one of our international queens will conduct a live 30-minute interview. 


A photo can say a lot about a person if you look closely. Panel of judges will give a score based on each candidate's official headshot. Candidates will not be judged in comparison to one another but individually on her own photograph.


It is important that our candidates have a mission, they want to promote and actively service throughout their reign. Candidates will have 60 seconds before their interview portion of competition to give their “elevator pitch” about their specific advocacy. 


Judges will meet with one candidate at a time, there will be a panel style judging. After the candidate's 60 second pitch judges will begin to ask delegate questions. Candidate bio sheets will be provided to judges and candidates may be asked questions based on their bio sheets and/or their pitch. 3 minutes of interview time begins with the first question asked by the judges. We encourage the judges to get to know you as a person, your qualifications for and ambitions in holding the international title. 


Candidates will model on stage in their traditional national costume. Costumes can be anything, it can reflect your culture, country, topic specific, a statement piece, be creative and have fun with it. 


Candidates are required to bring their own swimsuit of their choice, 1 or 2 pieces, sarong or cape is optional to preliminary competition. Semi-finalist will be provided sponsored swim to compete at finale show. Candidates will provide their own heels and accessories. Each contestant will be scored individually during this portion of competition.


Candidates are required to bring gown of their choice. Gown must touch the floor. No high low styles permitted; slits are ok. Candidate's choice of heels and accessories. Each delegate will be scored individually during this portion of competition.


Miss Mission International is looking for titleholders who are genuinely good-hearted ladies, who care not just for the glitz and the glam of winning the international crown and sash. Throughout the week of competition, our staff and volunteers will be on the lookout for ladies as they interact with each other, hotel staff, guest, etc. So be kind, be courteous, be you!

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The question will not stump or stress the contestant. We aim to ensure each delegate's success. Top 5 delegates in each division will answer a question provided by a sister queen on stage. Question will be age-appropriate and relevant to the division. Answers should be 30-45 seconds in length.

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