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Reigning with a Mission


In our inaugural year the Miss Mission International system is under the direction of BAB Productions, LLC. We are searching for women to represent their culture, their country, and their advocacy on an international level.


Each year there will be a fair competition, where we will crown one Miss and one Teen representative to be the face of the organization. With the commencement of their reign, we will adapt our yearly mission to focus on their advocacy. Thus, making us different than any other system that focuses on just one niche, one worldly issue. We want to tackle them all, and make a difference, one year at a time.


Our competition took place in the Dominican Republic, September of 2022. Throughout each candidate’s reign they will receive prizes, sponsorships, travel, media, fashion, and opportunities to help them grow.

We wanted to create a system that doesn’t just focus on age, height, weight, culture and looks, we want to be inclusive. Our goal is to build a reputation as the most relevant and worthwhile beauty event in the world, setting a legacy of beauty and altruism. Our queens have become leaders for positive change on an international level, they will dedicate their year of service to their specific advocacy.

Miss Mission International is more than just a pageant competition. We are Reigning with a Mission

Miss Mission International is officially searching for women to represent their country at the Miss Mission International stage. To be held November 2024 in the Dominican Republic.

Our 1st official year took place in Punta Cana Sept 18-24 2022, Miss Mission International, Teen Mission International & Elite Mission International  showcased ladies from all over the world as they competed for the coveted International titles. 



Applications open up on October 1, 2023.

We are Reigning with a Mission!

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Miss Mission International will take place November, 2024 in Dominican Republic.
It's official the search is on! We are looking for the women to represent their countries and share their advocacy. 

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Miss Mission International 


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