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Miss Mission International 2021

Heather Marie Thompson

Born and raised in the capitol of New York, USA, 24-year-old Thompson has had to overcome many obstacles in her life. Through her education in college, Thompson received a bachelor’s degree in health sciences; She discovered that she has been repeatedly misdiagnosed. Thompson has suffered from Anxiety her whole life and through her own research and advocation she was able to get the help she needed through her physician.

Today Thompson wears many different hats when it comes to her work. She is the owner of a social media coordination business; Heather Marie Socialize, she works as a model and is also a nanny. Her biggest passion outside of work is her advocacy, mental health awareness.

She has made it a priority to talk about mental health and illness openly in daily conversations and on social media. She has started working with NAMI-NYS and MHA (Mental Health America) on different projects and donated funds to the organizations.

She believes that there are others who have gone undiagnosed or misdiagnosed for mental health issues, so its very important that we continue to educate our children and adults on mental health and keep conversation on the topic open.

Thompson will spend the next year representing Miss Mission International., while Reigning with a Mission until she crowns her successor in September 2022. During her year as Miss Mission International, she will work tirelessly to broaden the scale of her advocacy to bring more awareness to the issues surrounding Mental Health and talk about solutions for these problems. She will also serve to be a role model and friend to those who struggle with similar issues and have stories just like hers.


Heather understands the importance of being able to speak your mind. Heather uses social media and other outlets to encourage others to inspire others to take the initiative to talk with their peers about their own mental health and/or mental illness openly. 

mental health

Heather wants to touch the lives of others by speaking openly about her own journey with her mental health. In hopes to help others understand that what they are going through is completely normal, and getting help doesn't mean you are giving in. It means you are prioritizing your mental health.


Heather wants to bring awareness to the fact that mental illness surrounds us. About 1 in 5 people we come in contact with everyday, have some type of mental illness disorder. Knowing this, a little bit of kindness can go a long way.

Heather's Appearances & Community Service Work


On October 4th 2021, Heather traveled to El Paso, Texas for the fall fashion show at the OutletShoppes produced by Suncity Pageants. This was her first appearance as Miss Mission International 2021. 

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