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Elite Mission International 2022

Kathyria Burgos

Kathyria Burgos was born in Bridgeport, Connecticut and was raised in Nashville, Tennessee after her family moved to the US from Puerto Rico. She works at her local BMW dealership in the accounting department and is currently working on her real estate license.

Kathyria is a wish granter for the Make a Wish Connecticut organization for the last 3 years and is proud to have completed 4 wishes. She volunteers at her local rescue mission and other local organizations. Kathyria would like to bring awareness not only to her personal mission of Childhood hunger and families in need but would also like to shine a light on other causes close to her heart throughout her year as Elite Mission International 2022.

In her spare time, she enjoys being in the company of her friends and family, loves hiking, going to Zumba classes, reading personal development books, cooking, and trying new cuisines. Kathyria is a dog mom to Max and Coco who were both rehomed with her 8 years ago. She believes in and supports “Adopt, Don’t Shop” a campaign that originated to bring awareness to the ever-rising numbers of homeless animals.

Kathyria’s favorite quote is “Hold the Vision, Trust the process”, it has served as a reminder that although we may not understand why things happen the way they do, there is always a greater purpose.


She believes that pageantry has encouraged a lot of personal growth and allowed her to develop skills that she has taken outside of pageants and used in her every day life. Kathyria would like to share her positive experiences in pageantry with women across the world and encourage them to join the sisterhood


As the first Elite Mission International, Kathyria wants to serve as a role model to other women, showing others that we are not defined by our current circumstances and that there is no limit to the potential of what our lives can be if we never give up on our dreams. 


Follow her journey at @Kathyriaxo and @EliteMissionInt

Kathyria's Appearances & Community Service Work

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